Want to Become a Vendor?

We run three markets: 2 Summer Markets – a Wednesday and Saturday, and 1 Winter Market on Saturday’s. If you are interested in any of them, please check out the Summer Market page, or the Winter Market page, to get more information on each market and to get an application package.


Here is some basic information you should be aware of when looking to apply to become a vendor at one of our markets:
All of our vendors must be within 100km of The City of North Bay.

Membership shall be restricted to vendors who are producers, artisans, and prepared food producers, as defined below:
a. PRODUCER: any person who sells food or products made from their farm, property or/and greenhouse as per Farmers Market Ontario MyPick Verification Program.
b. PREPARED FOODS: any person who sells food that is prepared either at their home, place of business or at the Farmers’ Market location.
c. ARTISAN: any person who produces a product through skillful means that may be considered art, craft or hobby.

Dealers, who do not make what they sell, but buy to resell, are not accepted at the North Bay Farmers’ Market.

Local Service Businesses can attend the market, provided they are not selling any products or items.

Community Groups are available to attend the market, provided they are not selling products or items. They must be ‘not for profit’. If they want to sell items in their booth, they will be charged the occasional vendor fees, provided the proposed items for sale do not compete with Market Vendors. 

New producers attending the market will have a one year grace period to become MyPick verified. For more information visit MyPick Verified Local Farmer Program.

Food vendors must be approved by the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit. Vendors must have the approved items on their Market Application in order to sell them. All market vendors go through the NBPSDHU only and supply the market with a copy of their approval letter.