MyPick Verified Local Farmer Program

The North Bay Farmers’ Market is the only market in Northern Ontario that requires their producers to be MyPick Verified. This means that our customers can be confident that produce and other locally grown products are not only produced here in Ontario, but is from a local farmer.

The MyPick Verified Program means a representative from Farmers Market Ontario has visited the grower’s farm and verified what is being grown and sold from that property. You can read more about this program here.

As a customer, you can search the database of local MyPick Farmers and find one close to you. You will find all of our farmers/producers here too. Go ahead and search for your favorite farmer, or maybe find a new one.

Are you looking to become a MyPick Verified Local Farmer? This is a requirement for a producer/grower to become a vendor at one of our market. But do not worry, this application process if fairly easy and we at the market can help you with any questions you have. Check out the application form on their website and find out how easy it is to be MyPick Verified.