About Us


For the vendors, our weekly ritual begins early. In the darkness of the night, we load our products for the journey to downtown North Bay. Our farmers have picked their produce at just the right time. Our bakers have been working through the night to bring you fresh pies, tarts, cookies and breads. Our craft artisans bring their best pieces to demonstrate their unique skills.

As the sun is rising, we are at the market, greeting each other and chatting as we prepare our tables for the first customers. Pastries and breads, honeys and jams, and a beautiful array of fruits and vegetables are carefully arranged for you. Handmade crafts are gently set out. Proudly we show our wares, including pottery, fabric crafts, jewellery, toys, and soaps.

Finally everything is in place, and we are ready to greet our customers. We offer you the best – from our hands …


There is bustle and excitement at the market and you feel the friendliness and warmth of a small town from customers and vendors alike. All the sights, sounds and smells people have come to love can be found at the North Bay Farmers’ Market.

As the market draws to a close for the afternoon, and we say good-bye to our friends until next week. We clear out tables and load our vehicles for the trip home. Another market day has passed, but we continue the centuries old tradition. Next week, we will prepare again to bring you the best – from our hands to yours.